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How to Get a Tenant Out of Your Fort Wayne Rental Property – Tenant Eviction Education

Evicting a tenant is usually the result of a tenant not paying rent or violating the lease in some other way. Today, we are talking about the process of tenant eviction and why it’s so important to get legal help if you find yourself in this situation.

Strong Lease

Before you even reach the point of eviction, you need to make sure you have a strong, enforceable lease in place. You’ll want to go over that lease in detail with your tenants before they move in so they understand their responsibilities and requirements. That way, they’ll understand the terms of your agreement before moving into the home.

Providing Notice

If the lease has been broken and you want to remove the tenants from your Fort Wayne rental property, you must move quickly and efficiently through the process. The first step is to give the tenants proper notice and explain why you want them to leave your home. Often, if you are clear and they understand where they have fallen short, they will take the necessary steps to stay in your home. If not, serve the proper notice required by your county or state.

Filing the Eviction

Then, move on to the next part of the process, which is to file the eviction in your local small claims court. If you’re not experienced with this part of the law, find a good attorney who specializes in evictions. You’ll be surprised that the cost is rather affordable. However, the cost of making a mistake will far outweigh the cost of hiring an attorney.

Remain Professional

Lastly, make sure you keep this as impersonal as possible. Once the eviction process starts, stop all communication with the tenant except what is done through legal channels and the courts. After the tenants receive a notice to leave, use a professional process server or the local sheriff’s department to serve notices and help you remove the tenant. Then the entire process remains professional even though it can be emotional for both you and the tenant.

If you have any questions about evictions or property management in Fort Wayne, please contact us at Select Property Management Pros.

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