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How to Screen a Tenant the Right Way | Tenant Screening Tips from a Property Manager in Fort Wayne

The process of screening tenants should start as soon as you get a call from a tenant who is interested in one of your properties. You should have preliminary screening questions that ensure it’s worth the drive to the property to show this tenant the home. In today’s blog, we’re sharing some of the things we do when we’re screening tenants at Select Property Management Pros.

Prescreening Questions

When that tenant calls for more information about a property, we like to talk about income levels and employment. We also pay attention to anything they want to reveal about their credit history or their background as well as anything they’re willing to tell us about their current housing situation. We always want to know why they are moving. These things can indicate whether this is the right candidate for your rental property.

Showing the Property

Once a prospective tenant meets the prescreening qualifications, we show them the property. While you’re showing them the property, the interviewing and screening process should continue. Observe what kind of car they arrive in, the condition of the car, and their personal appearance. Notice what seems most important about the house and what kinds of questions they ask. These things can also indicate whether the tenants are right or wrong.

Application and Verification

Don’t give an application to a prospective tenant until you are reasonably sure that tenant will qualify. The application verifies the information they have already provided to you. It’s important that when you have an application, you thoroughly check every reference. Use the information to screen a tenant’s background and make sure the tenant signs the application so you have permission. This is not optional. A lot of landlords say they will do a screening just in the hopes that the tenant will be truthful on the application. Don’t rely on that because this situation is too important. You have to make sure you spend a little money and time to do a proper background check, credit review, and a check of criminal history and eviction history. Once you do these things and you determine the tenant can move in, then – and only then – should you turn the keys over to them.

This is the most important part of the rental process; getting a good, qualified tenant. If you have any questions about tenant screening or other property management matters important to Fort Wayne landlords, please contact us at Select Property Management Pros.

How to Screen a Tenant the Right Way | Tenant Screening Tips from a Property Manager in Fort Wayne

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